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Welcome to MEG

MEG is a collection of Monash students who are passionate about the Environment and want to take action as a Group. It is a collective of diverse people with diverse backgrounds and ideas who are all interested in the way humans have, are, or can live in the environment. It is a comfort zone for people who worry about their impact on the Earth. It is a refuge for people whose parents donít understand why they keep switching off the lights. It is a resource for people who want to get things done.

MEG'ers know humans can live in the environment in better ways than we do now. To do this, we educate ourselves about indigenous culture and knowledge, we re-think public space, we analyse economic structures and we interrogate political and decision-making processes. And we create alternatives.

Then we empower ourselves, individually and as a group, to take action where itís effective and where itís needed. To make sure things get done, we organise ourselves into sub-groups that meet separately from the whole group and act autonomously. Sub-groups focus on anything from media to forests, from environmental education to the nuclear industry, from campus sustainability to public transport. This is our way of making sure a diversity of ideas are represented in our activities.

MEG'ers join in forest blockades and MEG'ers make sure recycling bins are on campus. We organise public information forums and we protest uranium mines and nuclear reactors. We participate in student environmental conferences around the world and we lobby the local government for better public transport. We hold BBQs with organic beer and we go tree-planting. We ensure environmental issues get proper recognition and representation on and off campus. Then we have a big night out together or disappear into the wilderness to recover.

MEG Meetings

MEG operates on the basis of consensus, which means everyone has an equal role in making decisions, contributing ideas, organising action and making MEG effective. Everyone who wants a role has one. We meet once a week collectively to discuss evironmental issues, actions and events. Meetings take place at 1pm on Thursdays, and all are welcome to stop by. For the remainder of semester two (2002), MEG will meet in the Short Courses Centre (in Studio One). Meetings are open to everyone, and if you can't attend the meetings follow the link to the 'contacts' page about how to jump on our mailing list and also check out the message board. MEG can be contacted in the MSA Environment Office, by phoning 9905 5710 or dropping in for a visit upstairs in the Union Building (for further info about how to get in touch with us see the contacts page). And if its your first year and you dont know anyone, MEG's a great way to meet people! Dont hesitate to contact anyone, we're a friendly bunch.