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Special opening hours apply for some events, and university holiday periods. Please refer to the calendar.

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Pictured above: Manga Library shelves, featuring a boxset of Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atomu)

Irasshaimase! (Welcome)

The JSC Manga Library was established in November 2002 as part of Monash University's Japanese Studies Centre and caters to both the needs of education and entertainment through the incorporation of the popular Japanese culture of Manga. It is run by volunteer staff made up of local and international students from the university.

The library is modelled on the concept of Japanese internet cafés (manga kissa), and provides a unique environment and opportunity within Melbourne to access Japanese popular culture, offering an extensive collection of over 7,000 Japanese Manga and other related texts such as magazines, novels and research material.

Various cultural events and research projects are also held throughout the year including manga translation workshops and participation in local festivals such as the Box Hill Japan Festival. Upcoming and current events will be advertised on our Twitter feed and Facebook group page, and an archive of select past events may be viewed on our events.

The Japanese Studies Centre is a research facility that promotes academic study and cultural exchange between Japan and Australia. It does not run language classes, but it often hosts seminars and lecturers that are open to the public. Please refer to their site for details.