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Members of the GAUNIX group each follow a code of ethics to ensure proper administration of Yoyo. Each member belongs to at least one of the following subgroups which are singularly responsible for maintaining one area of Yoyo.


  • Help Providing a help service for (just?) Yoyo users
  • Accounts Creating new accounts on Yoyo
  • Local Installing software in /usr/local on Yoyo
  • Network Maintaining the news software
  • Games Looking after the games software on Yoyo
  • FTP Running an anonymous ftp server
  • Menu Writing and maintaining the menu
  • Security Ensuring the security of Yoyo
  • IRC Running an irc server
  • Listserv Running the listserv (majordomo) on Yoyo
  • WWW Running a www server
  • Harassment Dealing with harassment and any prevailing offensive behaviour including discrimination.
In addition to the sub-groups, there are two people in charge of system administration on Yoyo. These wizards each have an apprentice wizard who will take over after six months, and in turn train new apprentice wizards.


To become involved in the gaunix group, one normally joins one of the subgroups. This is accomplished by approaching the leader of the subgroup. Group leaders can be contacted by sending email to groupleader@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au. The addresses for the group leaders are:

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